Telecom Argentina considers pay-TV play

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 02 May 2015

Telecom Argentina will bring to its next shareholders' meeting a proposal to enter the country's pay-TV market, after Argentina's new law initially allowed telcos to start offering TV packages through cable networks owned by third operators.

According to a letter sent by the company to Argentina's stock market regulator (Comisión Nacional de Valores, CNV) and Buenos Aires stock market, Telecom Argentina intends to modify its intern regulation to start offering audiovisual services. The decision will be discussed during a shareholders' meeting to be held on 22 June.

“This is an important step for the company because it means Telecom is adapting to the new scenario and the new legal framework and will increase its services' portfolio”, said company sources to the local news agency Noticias Argentinas.

Since the new regulation was sanctioned by the end of last year, several analysts have pointed to the possibility of large telcos such as Telefónica and Telecom entering the pay-TV business, to which the cable association (ATVC) was opposed. But Telecom Argentina is the first actual movement in this direction.