Turkcellís platform Turkcell TV+ gained 40,000 subscribers in Q1 to reach around 100,000 in the first six months since its launch as an expanded service.

The Turkish companyís fibre subscriber total, of which TV was listed as part, meanwhile grew by 41,000 in Q1 to reach 776,000 at the end of March and the ADSL total by 39,000 to 496,000.

Turkcell groupís total revenues in Q1 amounted to TRY2,978.2 million (Ä980.4 million), or 4.3% more than a year earlier. Its EBITDA was TRY926.8 million (4.5%) and net income TRY141.1 million (-60.8%).

Turkcell TV+, which was previously offered on mobile devices and computers, was made available on TV sets in October last year