Tiger Media becomes IDI

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 04 May 2015

Tiger Media has changed its name to IDI, an acronym for Interactive Data Intelligence.

The new name reflects the company's evolution in the data fusion space following its acquisition of the Best One, parent company of US-based data solutions provider Interactive Data, LLC on March 21, 2015, and the successful build-out of its technology team located in Seattle, WA.

Along with the name change, the company is undergoing an extensive rebranding campaign to introduce and highlight the market-leading innovation and perspective IDI brings to the marketplace. As an initial step in the rebranding process, a more well-defined and visible brand will first be introduced through a new website to be available in the coming weeks.

"IDI is entering the data fusion space at a point in time when existing technologies are becoming dated and there is an addressable need for enhanced systems to support increased customer demand," said Derek Dubner, co-CEO of IDI. "Having completed the strategic acquisition of Interactive Data and the rebuild of our management team and infrastructure, we believe we have an immediate opportunity to enter a number of high-growth markets with today's most advanced data intelligence offerings.

"Our focus going forward is to leverage our next-generation data fusion platform to become the information solutions leader for the risk management industry and a provider of cutting-edge marketing analytics for all industries. We believe our new brand will resonate with shareholders and the marketplace, representing what IDI truly stands for today and the path forward."