Video optimisation drives DPI market

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 04 May 2015

The market for deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions deployed as a virtual network function (VNF) will grow at a 66% compound annual growth rate from 2014 to 2019, with the focus of the market shifting toward use cases such as video optimisation, granular charging, network security and content connectivity.

"As operators evaluate likely targets for virtualisation as part of a larger network functions virtualisation strategy, DPI is a clear target, though ongoing concerns around performance and capacity will constrain the market for virtualised DPI in the short term," said Shira Levine, research director for service enablement and subscriber intelligence at Infonetics Research, now part of IHS.

The FCC has released its net neutrality rules in the US, but the issue is far from resolved, and court challenges are underway; regulations in Western Europe are under re-evaluation as well and the topic is rearing its head in emerging markets, she added.

"However, we are seeing trial activity and limited commercial deployments. Operators are likely to deploy virtualised DPI incrementally, leveraging it to support separate lines of business such as M2M and MVNO, and gradually expanding those engagements over time as they become more confident about the technology," Levine said.

In machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, DPI technology is being used to enable better identification of traffic generated by connected devices and mitigate its impact on the network.

Sandvine and Allot are neck-and-neck in the race for the DPI market share lead, followed by Cisco and Procera.