Rock Candy Media adds video content division

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 04 May 2015

Rock Candy Media (RCM), a full-service marketing and advertising agency in Austin, Texas, is moving to a new office space to accommodate a new video content division.

The company added several clients in Q1 of 2015, driving the video demand, it said.

"We're constantly optimising at Rock Candy Media. Our staff is amazingly flexible. We're not just great at what we do, we're great at anticipating user trends and leveraging them to our clients' advantage," company principal Annie Liao Jones said. "I like to say that I hire people who are left and right brained; they are creative, but they start from a strategic place. I know they are the major reason for our growth."

Rock Candy Media now has the capability to produce online video content for clients in-house, which affords greater creative control and lower cost than hiring outside vendors.

"There's often an imbalance in what kind of content is the most effective for generating returns, and right now, the deck is heavily weighted toward video," Jones said. "We're going to put our clients in a position to succeed, and right now, that means getting them on video."