IRIS.TV opens personalised online video end-screen for Kaltura

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 05 May 2015

Aiming to expand its reach in programmatic content delivery, IRIS.TV has launched a personalised end-screen plugin for the Kaltura video technology platform.

IRIS.TV says that its new partnership is aimed to help consumers discover relevant and engaging content while viewing across all connected devices. The new plugin is designed to offer clients of both a personalised and dynamic stream of video along with a similarly customised end-screen framework. Publishers will be able to provide users with both dynamic streams of video powered by consumption and interaction along with thumbnail choices specific to their real-time consumption habits.

kalturaWhen viewers finish consuming a piece of content through the Kaltura video player, they are presented with several options of what to watch next. Users have the option to click on their video of choice, programmatically displayed by IRIS.TV, or content is selected for them determined by user behaviour, consumption history, engagement and audience analysis.

IRIS.TV believes that the result of having such a product supplies publishers with additional tools to deliver a more personalised viewing experience in order to maximise viewer retention and video views. "Personalised content programming is the most cost effective way to increase the value of your audience and video library," said co-founder & CEO Field Garthwaite. "In order to grow video views and thrive in a multi-channel universe, media companies need to engage their audience on a one to one level... we are excited to offer a variety of products that increase video views and help publishers engage and retain their audiences."

"With the rise in non-linear programming, personalised video content is in higher demand than ever before," added Kaltura Managing Director, Platform, Ecosystem and Community Zohar Babin. "There is a growing need for marketers and publishers to identify better ways of matching relevant and interesting video content to the right audience. Kaltura is focused on delivering the best experience for our customers in this shifting landscape to keep viewers engaged and watching more videos for longer periods of time."