Telenor has reorganised its business in Sweden, bringing the Broadband & TV and Mobile units into a single division known as Consumer Marketing.

It has also upgraded the Channels unit, which is responsible for customer channels, directly to the company’s management in order to bring even greater focus on sales and customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Business will remain as separate unit, aimed at corporate customers.

The new organisation will come into effect on June 2.

The following new directors have been appointed to the new organisation:
MD – Patrik Hofbauer
Channels – TBA
Consumer Marketing – Acting Patrik Hofbauer, new manager in place on August 1
Business – Mats Almgren
IT – Ulrica Holmgren
Networks – Stefan Jäverbring
Finance & Legal – Kaaren Hilsen
Strategy & PMO – Martin Petersen
People & Culture – Siri Sandholt
Communications & Brand – tf Peter Erikson