Atresmedia, Powa unveil live TV purchasing app

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 06 May 2015

Aiming to bring more buying opportunities to living rooms, Atresmedia and Powa Technologies have launched an app which enables viewers to buy any product placed on live TV broadcasts through their mobile devices using just an audio tag and data connection.

Through the launch, Atresmedia becomes the first audiovisual group in Spain to enable the direct purchase of products from linear TV advertising via smartphones and tablets. The PowaTag app has been designed by AtresmediaLab and Powa Technologies, working together with the group's advertising division, Atresmedia Publicidad, and Atresmedia Digital.

The products in the PowaTag catalogue will be advertised together with an audio tag or sound code, which can be registered by any mobile device to enable the viewer to start shopping.

"The agreement will open new possibilities for advertisers, who can now enable viewers to instantly interact with their products," explained Dan Wager, director at Powa Technologies. "Brands will also gather key information about viewers' behaviour and measure the real and direct impact of their advertising campaigns."

"We want to give TV a new function and promote sales driven by the direct impact of our clients' products," added Javier Andrés, marketing director at Atresmedia Publicidad.

Over the last year, after launching AtresmediaLab, the audiovisual group has launched several new advertising products focused on interaction with mobile devices and video-on-demand (VOD) habits.