TV2U has entered into a strategic alliance with two partners in order to launch its managed cloud entertainment platform Tara TV in China later this year.

Working with the hardware supplier Stereoscope Cloud and automation specialist Vector International, TV2U’s technology will allow the Chinese government to operate a state owned video streaming service and thereby significantly reduce piracy in the country.

Commenting on the development, Nick Fitzgerald, CEO at TV2U, said: “Piracy has been a huge deterrent for Hollywood content in China, despite the fact it’s a significant global market.
“But with Tara TV you can trace the legality of any broadcast stream and identify exactly when and where a device is accessing the network. If a copyright breach or unauthorised connection is suspected that user can be cut off immediately, making Tara TV a powerful tool for cracking down on piracy.”

As previously reported in Broadband TV News, TV2U has also recently established a presence in the UK and Germany.