is a streaming service started by people who love sports for people who love sports. Watch all your favorite teams and players for only 2.50 EUR per week!

HOW TO become a member:
1. Go to and click "join us".
2. Here you can either login with the demo account or proceed with your membership payment.
3. A different site will open in a new tab. Complete your payment and create an account.
4. Go back to and log in with the username and password you just created.


Untitled-19.jpg Untitled-24.jpg Untitled-29.jpg

These are actual screen grabs from random live streams and should give you an idea about the picture quality. Unfortunately, SatSupreme re-sized the images so make sure to check out the entire album in the original resolution here.


* Windows, MacOS, Linux with HTML5 or Flash capable browser.
* Some Smart TVs depending on browser capabilities.
* PS4
* iOS (iPhone/iPad) and newer Android devices.
* XBMC/KODI - coming soon
* MAG250 - not yet
* Chromecast - not yet

Q & A :

Q: What internet connection do I need?
A: All streams are optimized for quality, so you need a stable connection with at least 3 mbit/s bandwidth available.

Q: Can I get a "test line"?
A: Sorry, we don't offer test lines. You can take a peek and login with user 'demo' (pass 'demo'). You should also check out the screen grabs.

Q: Can I watch the 15:00 GMT EPL games that are normally blacked out?
A: Yes, we watch most of these games ourselves, and you can always request a specific match ahead of time. Just drop us a line.

Q: Do you guys speak at least halfway decent English in case I need some assistance?
A: Yes, you can expect adequate communication on our end.