Content key for brands' digital success in Brazil

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 07 May 2015

The importance of content has never been so evident in Brazil's digital market, with many brands using new media formats to communicate with their target audience. But many brands still need to learn how to speak to their specific market, says Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

According to Lucas Swart, head of content at Zoomit TV and member of IAB Brasil, before creating content for any digital platform, target, audience, message, experience and performance indicators need to be clearly defined, just as for any regular advertising project.

"Online video content should attract, entertain, and meet expectations," explained Swart. "There are four points making the user click on a video: the title, the screenshot, the topic and the platform. While continuity depends on language, duration, topics and feelings. Online video is born everywhere and anytime, to be watched out of home at any hour."

Regarding brands, two more points are important, says IAB: interactivity needs to be real, as content is created to relate to social networks; and there is a difference between advertising and content marketing; the first is a direct bid to sell a product and the second is more natural and subtle, aiming to build a brand's image.

According to Swart, the future will see new formats, more interactivity, better reactions to people's demands and better ways of gaining attention. "Online TV is faster and more interactive, just the way the consumer wants it."