Ofcom approves London TV plan to trim local programming

DetailsEditor | 09 May 2015

The UK's broadcasting regulator Ofcom has approved a request from ESTV, the provider of the London Live UK local TV service, not to increase, as promised, its amount of local programming.

The issue goes back July 2014 the owner of the London Live local TV service provider asked Ofcom for permission to cut back on its commitments to broadcast content directly related to its locale. The request was made just six months after London Live had been in service and followed a number of indignities such as in some cases a zero audience rating for some of its programming.

In gaining its licence, ESTV had committed to broadcast eight hours of first run, local programming per day in its first year of broadcasting and then guaranteed to increase the hours of first run, local programming by one hour per day in its second year and a further hour per day in its third and subsequent years.

In August 2014 ESTV submitted a request to Ofcom not to make this increase. Having carefully assessed ESTV's request, Ofcom concluded that the variations to the licence would not amount to a departure from the character of the service and has approved ESTV's request.

The full ruling is available at http://licensing.ofcom.org.uk/binari...TV_licence.pdf