Skitter, Conklin-Intracom partner on TV-as-a-service

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 11 May 2015

Skitter and Conklin-Intracom have joined forces on an IPTV platform.

The Skitter TV service is a fully managed 'TV-as-a-service' that includes content rights for local off-air channels and cable channels, along with an IPTV headend. Under the agreement, Skitter TV will be powered by Conklin-Intracom's fs|cdn IPTV middleware, which will enable on-screen programming guides, caller ID, whole home and network DVR, restart TV, email, over-the-top (OTT) support and other interactive services. It will also support TV everywhere for mobile devices.

"With Skitter being the system operator for member companies, we deliver an IPTV solution that assures a profitable video business while providing subscribers the high quality HD video experience they demand with the features they expect," said Robert Saunders, CEO of Skitter. "Our new partnership with Conklin-Intracom ensures that the Skitter IPTV systems are future-proofed. We will always have the latest and greatest in home video at the most competitive costs in the market."

An integral part of the deal is a long-term joint marketing agreement through which Skitter and Conklin-Intracom will support each other's sales and marketing efforts.

Michael Agostinelli, VP of sales and marketing at Conklin-Intracom, added: "Skitter and Conklin-Intracom recognised a need for the IPTV business model to be revamped while never short-changing the on-screen experience viewers demand. Together we each bring our unique technical and marketing expertise to offer a truly cost-effective and dynamic television service. Combining Skitter's proprietary technology with our fs|cdn middleware gives broadband providers the opportunity to bundle an IPTV service that we know is the best available in the market today."

Agostinelli noted that engineers and sales staff from the two companies have already started meeting on an almost daily basis. "We are working hand-in-hand with Skitter to deliver the highly customised and feature-rich elements Skitter wants for its TVaaS system and at the same time we'll be working jointly to strategically spur one another's growth," he said.