Online video booms in the UK

DetailsEditor | 12 May 2015

People in the UK are spending twice as much time online compared with ten years ago, with online video usage showing even more growth according to research from Ofcom.

ofcom survThe UK's telecoms and broadcast regulator found in its Adults' Media Use And Attitudes Report 2015 that this rise was being fuelled by the increasing use of tablets and smartphones.

The research also discovered that in the video sector, people are increasingly watching TV and video on the Internet, with over a quarter (27%) of Internet users regularly watching TV or films online, compared with one in ten in 2007. This rose to almost three-fifths (39%) of 16-24-year-olds, up from 21% in 2007. Watching video clips online almost doubled over the past eight years, from 21% to 39% of Internet users.

Despite people spending more time online, when asked which device they would miss the most, 37% of adults said they would miss their TV more than any other device. For 16-24-year-olds, the TV came a distant second to their mobile phone. Some 59% of this age group said they would miss their mobile the most, compared with 17% saying TV.