LATAM pay-TV heads towards digitalisation

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 12 May 2015

With over nine in ten Latin American subscribers predicted to be digital by 2018, nearly 80% are already receiving a non-analogue signal at home, driven by the rapid expansion of digital satellite (direct-to-home) services and platforms across the region.

According to latest report by Dataxis ahead of the NexTV Summit South America, DTH is to push the market up to 88.1 million legal subs by 2018, of which 91% will be digital.

Currently, there are 65.9 million regular subs (39.8% penetration) and more than the half use a satellite service, of which nearly one in three is pre-paid. 79.5% of all subscribers were digital, with more than half of cable subs also leaving analogue.

Along with digitalisation, the road is also clear for HD expansion, with one in three Latin American subscribers having an HD option at home by the end of 2014.

Regarding income, pay-TV will be generating $28,600 million within three years, compared to around $22,000 million currently gleaned.

The sector is still clearly led by América Móvil, which has 21.6% of the region's subscribers, followed by DirecTV (18.4%) and Televisa (14.2%).

With 8.4 million pay-TV subs and a 65.1% penetration, Argentina is the most consolidated market for pay-TV in Latin America. By the end of 2014, Argentina's business represented 12.8% of the entire Latin American subscriber base and 13.9% of the pay-TV income in the region.