Ofcom’s CTO has suggested the regulator may be prepared to act if consumers were misled by the labelling of TV displays as 4K ready.

Steve Unger said there needed to be a ‘kite mark’ that had cross-industry agreement. “We need to think of the consumer; do we make sure the consumer doesn’t buy a new 4K ready TV that in two year’s time is junk. “It’s a big worry to have a TV that is labelled as 4K ready and that consumers are being misled”.

From the audience a representative from Samsung appeared to indicate that while manufacturers were in agreement as to their own standard under the DigitalEurope banner, it did not necessarily contain broadcaster involvement.

Asked about a possible switch-off of DTT services amid pressure of broadband companies, Unger gave the technology his backing: “It’s not to say we can’t envisage a time when DTT gets switched off, but we’re not near it now”.