Screen Australia faces major cuts in budget

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 13 May 2015

Screen Australia is facing nearly A$1 million (US$750,000) per year in budget cuts in the coming four years, the federal government has announced.

The organisation, which provides support to Australian film, television, documentary and digital media makers, expects to have to make cuts to the funding programmes it operates.

The Australian Government said it requires Screen Australia to cut A$910,000 per year (US$683,000), amounting to A$3.6 million over the four-year period. Cuts of A$38 million (US$28.5 million) were also weathered last year.

"Since its formation from three entities in 2008, Screen Australia has reduced its operating costs by 44%. While the agency will continue to contain operating costs, the budget reduction will be apportioned across our funding programmes," Screen Australia said in a statement.

The government is looking to find savings of A$13 million through "efficiencies" to arts and cultural programmes run by Screen Australia, arts funding body the Australia Council, and the Attorney-General's department.