CenturyLink tests fibre broadband TV

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 13 May 2015

CenturyLink is looking to take on Comcast's cable television service in Seattle with fibre-fed IPTV.

The telco, which is testing its Prism TV service in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighbourhood and the city of Seattle, told the Puget Sound Business Journal that it has begun talks with CenturyLink to hammer out a franchise agreement for the service.

The journal also reported that CenturyLink has sent flyers to the residents already, offering a free six-month trial of Prism, which includes live TV and on-demand services.

"We are excited to announce a Prism TV service trial in select areas of Seattle and Bellevue," the flyer reads.

In March, the Seattle City Council voted to eliminate the longstanding district franchise system, which required a certain amount of infrastructure development to launch new TV services