New revenue streams, cooperation models and the regulatory framework for a convergent media industry remain key issues for today’s convergent media industries.

All these topics are under discussion at the first multichannel money streams conference, mcms, which forms the first day of ERA Europe’s annual European Homeshopping Conference, to be held this year at Barcelona’s hotel Rey Juan Carlos, June 22 to 24.

Some players already are doing well while others are fighting to protect their intellectual property: Piracy, convergence and new models for a convergent media world are all aspects of the same global agenda. However, some aspects are already transparent: There is no doubt that revenue growth in a convergent world can mainly be generated by transactional services, e-commerce in any form. Publishing houses are also looking into this “third revenue stream” – not an easy task since it shouldn’t harm editorial independence. Traditional TV groups such as RTL Group or ProSiebenSat.1 are now diversifying by investing in online shops and e-commerce platforms.

Traditional home shopping providers are still making money. However their traditional clients are ageing. Also, this business needs to transform their services into a new world widely dominated by so-called new entrants like eBay, Amazon or Google that compete strongly with traditional TV providers. Video on demand and second screen without doubt will be a major way of audiovisual consumption. “Hybrid” online platforms like Vice Media increasingly compete with traditional publishing houses and audiovisual news services. The market seems to be dominated by American companies who sure are the early pioneers and market makers. However, the business models are open to anybody.

The conference is not talking about the retail business alone. It encompasses the entire value chain of the convergent media business: On linear and non linear TV, publishing, games and e-commerce. It exploits ways of cooperation and new revenue streams. The format is discussion based. Most of the presentations will be small panel groups providing different perspectives on one issue.

The day will be closed by a euroreg special panel session discussing the emerging new regulatory European framework for audiovisual services. The outcome of this process that just has started this year with national and European Commission regulators working hard on a first draft will be essential for the global competitiveness of European media players. Since audiovisual content becomes more and more important also for publishers etc. a new Audiovisual Media Service Directive, AVMSD, may very well have an overall impact even on so-called new entrants from the global internet universe.

Confirmed speakers include: Ross Biggam (ACT), Ina Bauer (ATV), Mihai Crasneanu (Grey Juice Lab), Cosmin Ene (Laterpay), Richard Kastelein (Agora Innovative Media), Jean-François Furnémont (Wagner Hatfield), Mattias Hejlmstedt (Magine), Christoph Mühlleib (APS), Jide Sobo (mec global), Christoph Wagner (Morrison Forster), Wuaki TV, Krzysztof Zalewski (KRRiT)…