Messi plays for Mediapro, DIRECTV in LATAM

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 May 2015

Following a distribution agreement, the film Messi, produced by Spain's Mediapro, is to premiere across Latin America on DIRECTV.

messiThe movie, which got rave reviews when it premiered in Spain, is to air through OnDIRECTV from 27 May, targeting over seven million subscribers across the Latin America. The film will also be available for mobile and connected devices on DIRECTV Play.

Messi, directed by Alex de la Iglesia and with a script by Jorge Valdano, was first presented during Brazil's World Cup last summer. In addition to Latin America and Spain - where it is available on Canal+ and Orange TV - Mediapro has taken the film to Turkey, Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Balkan countries, Japan, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Israel.

The movie features friends, journalist, coaches and football players related to Messi who talk about the player's personality on and off the field.

"On DIRECTV we show Messi's talent every week through our sports' programming," explained Willard Tressel, general manager of OnDIRECTV and OnDIRECTV HD. "Now we want to show the human side of the football idol through this great production. It's a special film for fans and people wanting to get to know the football player."

Messi has also been played at several film festivals across the world, including the Venice International Film Festival, Mexico's Guadalajara International Film Festival, the US' San Diego Latino Film Festival and Brazil's CINEfoot.