Tedial's Tarsys gains certification for DPP support

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 13 May 2015

Spanish media assets management (MAM) technology solutions provider Tedial has met the criteria for the Digital Production Partnership (DPP) Compliance Programme and achieved an Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) certification for its Tarsys MAM platform.

Tedial's Tarsys native DPP support provides efficient workflows for archiving, processing and delivery of AS-11 UK DPP files, allowing these processes to be automated wherever possible and enabling information to be presented in a straightforward way.

DPP support also ensures that all media files delivered to UK broadcasters meet compliance regulations, and have all the necessary metadata attached thanks to a specific data model extension that supports DPP metadata. The DPP is an initiative formed by the UK's public service broadcasters to help producers and broadcasters maximise benefits of digital television production.

With Tedial's new tool, operators and broadcasters can add subtitles, audio files and additional metadata as required in order to create a new DPP compliant version of the media file.

"We are very proud to be at the forefront of DPP compliant MAM workflows. We have always prided ourselves on being processing agnostic, allowing media organisations to apply their wrappers of choice with regards to current and future industry standard content exchange initiatives," said Esther Mesas, chief sales & marketing officer at Tedial. "With the addition of native AS-11 DPP support, our customers can rest easy knowing all their DPP compliance requirements are taken care of in a seamless way."