Telestream goes online at Al Jazeera's London facility

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 14 May 2015

A Telestream Vantage transcode farm is now operational at Al Jazeera's new European headquarters in London's Shard building, as part of a fully redundant file-based workflow.

The system, deployed by Danmon Systems, integrates the Vantage Transcode Pro Connect, Analysis and Avid Advanced options running on GPU accelerated Telestream Lightspeed Servers alongside an Avid news system and Arvato VPMS media asset management (MAM) system.

The transcode farm is used to ingest media into the news production workflow very quickly, allowing editing while still news feeds are still being ingested.

"The workflow at the London facility is completely new and rewrites the rule book in terms of design, operation, speed and efficiency," commented Søren Bruun, operations manager, Danmon Systems Group.

"Vantage's ability to very rapidly ingest media into the Avid system enables Al Jazeera staff to start editing stories and get them to air in the shortest time possible. Vantage's ability to present a growing media file to the Avid newsroom system is a key component in achieving this."

The London news production centre will provide a blueprint for every Al Jazeera Media Network facility worldwide.

Feras Al Suliti, director of network operations, Al Jazeera Media Network, said: "The tight integration between Vantage and our other vendors has proven invaluable, and now we have our solution working well in Europe, we look forward to bringing further innovations into our operation, and increased efficiencies as we continue to roll this platform out to our other sites."