UK broadcasters vote for SIS on election night

DetailsEditor | 14 May 2015

Leading connectivity provider SIS LIVE has revealed the extent to which its technology was relied upon by the UK's main news broadcasters to provide uplink facilities for their general election coverage.

On a night when speed, reliability and clarity were vital to ensure comprehensive reporting, SIS LIVE provided 70 satellite uplink vehicles to the main UK broadcasters, as they covered the voting. Uplink vehicles and SIS LIVE crew were deployed throughout England, Scotland and Wales to clients including the BBC, Sky News, ITV, ITN, and STV. Most services were delivered as part of long-running contracts to supply the broadcasters with live news coverage.

SIS LIVE also provided the UK broadcast industry with approximately 550MHz of Ku and Ka band satellite capacity on four different satellites, some permanently contracted, with a significant amount supplied from the company's large pool of in-house, ad-hoc capacity. Many of the uplinks also used SIS LIVE's, fully-automated DriveForce uplink system.

"SIS LIVE's mobile satellite uplink fleet is the largest in Europe and we were able to complement our contract trucks with additional ad-hoc vehicles all available with experienced crew," commented David Meynell, managing director, SIS LIVE. "It is a testament to the quality of our equipment and the dedication of our staff that SIS LIVE can offer coverage on such a scale and subsequently receive tremendous feedback from our customers."

Added Jackie Faulkner, head of operations, Sky News: "The biggest challenge in covering a UK election is being able to deliver all the action and results as they happen from all corners of the UK. SIS LIVE made the planning, logistics and delivery considerably smoother with our contract trucks, which we can double crew with reliable and established engineers, as well as the addition of ad hoc trucks from Europe. This enabled us to concentrate on providing the exciting UK election coverage our viewers expect."