Globo licenses entire LA Screenings catalogue in LATAM

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14 May 2015

Closing its final distribution agreements at the LA Screenings, Brazilian production house Globo has announced it has licensed all the telenovelas from its 2015 catalogue across Latin America.

Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Peru and Paraguay have all acquired the rights for some of the six soap operas included in the catalogue: Precious Pearl, Empire, Fight or Love?, Now Generation, and Helena's Shadow, as well as the miniseries The Party.

Guatemala has acquired the most, although the networks concerned in the agreement have not been named. Empire, Precious Pearl, Fight or Love? and The Party will now be part of the country's programming schedule. Globo's telenovelas have already achieved success with the Guatemalan audience, with several productions including Trail of Lies and the remake of Gabriela having been aired in the country.

Earlier in the week Globo announced two more content agreements: one with Telemundo for Precious Pearl and Empire for the US, and another with Vietnam's pay-TV channel Las Viet for Precious Pearl, Helena's Shadow, The Life We Lead and Brazil Avenue.