Hispasat, Spacenet to distribute live content, films to Mexican cinemas

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 14 May 2015

Following an agreement between Spanish operator Hispasat and satellite service provider Spacenet, Mexican cinemas are to screen live content and films using satellite technology.

Through the deal, the 500-plus Mexican movie theatres covered by Spacenet's services will be able to receive content with added speed and efficiency through Hispasat's Amazonas 3, which will assign a transponder to this service.

This consolidates the two companies' existing relationship for the distribution of audiovisual content in theatres which brought the Brazilian World Cup to Mexico's big screens last summer. Spacenet and Hispasat are also working on extending this service to other Latin American countries.

"This agreement marks the culmination of a long-term collaboration relationship with Spacenet in the field of content distribution," said Ignacio Sanchis, chief commercial officer at Hispasat. "The next step is, together with Spacenet, to put these benefits within reach of movie theatres and private citizens in other countries in Latin America."

"We have a very close relationship with Hispasat, which has been made stronger thanks to this landmark for the movie industry, regarding content distribution for the main film networks in Latin America," stated Joaquín Patrón, general manager at Spacenet.

"For Spacenet it is a pleasure to let theatre owners benefit from our technology, so that they can use the latest technology to offer a wider range of films."

Through satellite technology, the film distribution process is becoming less material-based as it eliminates hardware and achieves logistical simplification, while increasing security