Popular video-on-demand site maxdome has carried out one of the first web browser deployments to combine MPEG DASH and Widevine.

The move comes as browsers begin to move to embed specific DRM technologies on each of their platforms, meaning any OTT service viewed on a PC, Mac or the browser of any CE device will need to support multiple DRMs in order to ensure that all viewers can playback the content on the browser platform of their choice.

maxdome turned to Irdeto to upgrade its HTML5 browsers without plugins and a multi-DRM, MPEG DASH solution that would support a customer base that regular views its content though a browser.

“Irdeto has been working with operators to resolve the problems associated with DRM fragmentation as soon as it became clear it would cause major disruption to the market,” said Richard Scott, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Irdeto. “For maxdome, the ability to reach customers through browsers is crucial. Irdeto recognised this threat early on and offered a solution that had a quick roll-out and gave the business a flexible, easy to manage system. DRM fragmentation is a challenge that will be faced by many other operators, and they must consider how their business strategies can be impacted by this and future industry shifts in technology.”

maxdome moved from Microsoft Silverlight HTML5 and MPEG DASH streaming in early 2015, offering support across browsers and expand beyond PlayReady, and using Irdeto Rights to manage all DRMs and enforce maxdome’s business policies across all platforms.