Cable Onda taps Auris for wholesale

DetailsGabriel Miramar-Garcia | 14 May 2015

Auris has added a strategic partner in Latin America by closing a deal with the largest Panamanian cable company, Cable Onda.

Through the use of the Auris Wholesale Platform, Cable Onda can now engage in arbitrage with international traffic — and plans to lower prices for its triple-play customers.

"By using the Auris Wholesale Platform, Cable Onda will now have access to the same tools that top international carriers have, giving us the ability to play in their space and have a greater advantage amongst our competitors, using the brand Telecarrier as a front," explained Gaspar Tarte, vice president of Cable Onda.

This business deal strengthens Auris' position within the cable segment.

"We are extremely happy to have partnered with Cable Onda and trust that it will be a mutually rewarding and strategic partnership. We look forward to enabling them on this first of many opportunities together," said Juan M Gomez, CEO of Auris parent Cima Group. "Cable Onda provides exceptional service with their triple-play offering and now they can optimise margins and pass more savings on to the end users."