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Thread: Superbox Spark HD receiver s750 .

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    Superbox Spark HD receiver s750 .

    Hello everyone I buy the demo superbox Spark s750 HD with a 1 year subscription with oscam 500 IPTV channels without antenna cable works fine at home with a oprique 2mbps fiber connection ( openatv ) but arriving south or I work I plug my demo on our network I did the test internet connection and everything ok except IP address or tell me he indeterminate ( English inconfirmed ) why this problem ! What I must do to remedy this worries knowing that my laptop works well on network ......
    LAN adapter: LAN connection
    Local Network : connected
    DHCP : enabled
    IP adress : Unconfirmed
    Nameserver : confirmed.
    Static IP adress superbox
    requires assistance please .... !!!!

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    Re: Superbox Spark HD receiver s750 .

    All the best,
    ineed me superbox s750 spark
    Plugin Mcas PowerVU Patch
    iptv WebTV new 2018 all info stb

    superboxS750 Spark all and
    app spark7111 1.2.86 .
    new Version download help
    thanks you replyi me
    THIS APP Version download help
    thanks you replyi me

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