Videology, White Ops unite to beat bots across ad campaigns

DetailsEditor | 15 May 2015

As online video flourishes, sadly so does commercial fraud on the platform, and to combat this Videology has entered into a technology partnership with online ad fraud detection company White Ops.

The advertising technology firm says that the partnership, the result of each company's efforts against the botnet scourge first begun in early 2014, will combat bot traffic and non-human activity across campaigns and devices at scale.

In late 2014, White Ops and the US Association of National Advertisers (ANA) released the industry's largest study on bot traffic in online video and display advertising. The study revealed that on average 23% of online video ad inventory is consumed by bot impressions.

Videology and White Ops aim to stop the high incidence of non-human activity across online video advertising and offer cross-platform, real-time identification and blocking solutions to clients worldwide.

Through the partnership, the firms express the intention to drive the percentage of bot traffic and other automated, non-human behaviour in Videology-platform inventory toward zero. They are confident that their integration will provide Videology platform buyers with the capability to ensure media quality throughout the lifecycle of a campaign, blocking automated, non-human activity while optimising for a campaign's key objectives.

White Ops technology is designed to identify bots the first time they appear, pinpoints bots in media, and differentiates human vs. bot browsing even from the same compromised machine. White Ops' "always-on" bot detection and prevention solutions will be available to leverage on any campaign, on any device, run through Videology. Videology clients are now able to deploy White Ops solutions to identify bots, maximise ROI, and reach the optimal level of actual human traffic across their video campaigns and devices.

"Bot traffic is a major concern of our clients, and rightfully so," said Scott Ferber, chairman and CEO, Videology. "But access to inventory is also key when it comes to video advertising. White Ops is uniquely equipped to combat bot traffic in today's marketplace, and through our deep integration, our clients can leverage Videology's proven ability to solve for portfolio-level objectives, without making trade-offs on media quality."

"White Ops is the most powerful solution in the market today against ad fraud. White Ops anti-fraud solutions have the highest standards, the strictest requirements, and the biggest impact," added White Ops CEO Michael JJ Tiffany. "Through our partnership, Videology and the White Ops team of cyber-defence experts are devoted to breaking the profit models of bot operators so advertisers and publishers can focus on building their audiences and managing their brands."