One in three new Argentinean TVs are smart

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 May 2015

Although sales has been more or less stable over the past two years, 30% of new TV sales in Argentina are smart TVs, with nearly nine in ten users actually connecting, compared to a connection rate in 2013 of 20%.

According to the Smart TVs' Impact on TV Business discussion at the NexTV Summit South America with Claudio Yakimovsky, LG Electronics' marketing director, Gustavo Marino, TV product marketing manager at Samsung Electronics, and Edgardo Folla, consumer goods marketing manager at Philips TV, the most used apps on smart TVs are Netflix and YouTube.

"Philips has three developers' centres in the world which have created a stable and trustable platform through which navigation is very computer-like, and this was something very difficult to imagine not so long ago," explained Folla.

Regarding the evolution of consumer behaviour and multi-platform habits, the three executives agreed that constant adaptation to challenges will be key for the immediate future. "We have created the Smart TV Alliance, which supports app development and aims to increase supportability," added Folla.

Samsung's manager, Gustavo Marino, also revealed that the Korean company is working on a multi-operative system to create a single platform for playing content on any kind of device.