BBC to close down global iPlayer

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 15 May 2015

In what has worrying connotations for post-general election cuts at the corporation, the BBC has quietly announced that it is to pull the plug on the international version of its iPlayer.

The online video and video-on-demand (VOD) platform is of increasing strategic importance to the BBC, enjoying huge popularity in the UK especially among the millennial and younger demographics. Ambitiously the BBC rolled out an international version of the product in 16 territories, crucially not the US, in order to introduce a new revenue stream for the cash-strapped corporation that is bracing itself for further cuts after the election of a Conservative government in the UK.

In a brief statement on the service's home page, the BBC has discreetly stated that the service will be closing permanently between 26 May and 26 June 2015. The corporation has guaranteed that existing subscriptions will be honoured in full and auto-renewals will be switched off automatically after each user's final subscription term during this period. Intriguingly, the BBC told customers that going forward it was developing plans to launch new digital services across multiple devices.