Movistar TV prepares to enter Argentinean pay-TV market

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 15 May 2015

Following the go-ahead being given for telcos to start offering pay-TV services in Argentina, Movistar TV, Telefónica's video unit for Latin America, is preparing a cable offer to enter the most mature market in the region.

According to Telefónica's head of video for Latin America, Luis Delamer, during a panel discussion at NexTV Summit South America, the Spanish telco has "a goal of entering the Argentine pay-TV market, since the regulatory dispositions allow it. We are analysing the option of entering, but the regulatory authority is still to be consulted".

After a long debate, Argentina sanctioned a new telecoms law at the end of last year. The regulation allows telecom companies, which could previously only provide voice and data services, to enter the pay-TV market using the existent cable networks.

"We haven't killed anyone in the markets where we have entered into the pay-TV market," Delamer added. "The pay-TV market is much more concentrated than the telecommunications market."

Telecom Argentina also recently announced it too is seriously considering the option of entering the pay-TV market.

Movistar TV, which bases most of its operations on satellite technology, is currently operating in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.