4KTV panel shipments surge in April 2015

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 16 May 2015

TV vendors stocking up 4K panels have provided a welcome spur to a generally static display panel segment says research from Wits View.

105 inch CURVED UHD Tcober pic 2VThe TrendForce division found that overall the combined shipments of the six largest panel makers in April totalled 19.68 million units, an 8% month-on-month decline but a 5.4% increase compared with the same period in the previous year. Among the vendors, only SDC maintained about the same shipment level as with the previous month, whereas the other five saw shipment decline.

The WitsView's shipment forecast also highlighted that the expected spike from Chinese Labour Day sales fell short of realisation yet the good news was that excess panel capacity was being consumed by TV brand vendors stocking up 4K and large-size panels. The data showed that the six largest panel makers shipped a combined total of 3.1 million units with the penetration rate of the 4K panels in the overall panel market in April reaching 16%, a 4.4% percentage point increase compared with March.

WitsView added that TV brand vendors' changing product strategies were driving the 4K panel market, where SDC enjoyed what it called an 'outstanding' 25% brand penetration in April. LGD, AUO, and Innolux by contrast saw 15% in their respective brand penetration

Fundamentally, WitsView believes that the overall shipment performance in the second quarter would be determined mainly by the results of the 4K/Ultra HD market and large-size panels rather than the total shipment volume. It pointed to indicators showing that since the start of 2015, international TV brands have shifted their focus to innovative and high-margin products with value-added features. In terms of size category, 55-inch panels were still the most demanded with a monthly shipment increase of 35%. 4KTV panels sized 48 inches, 49 inches, and 65 inches also posted monthly growths of 20.8%, 34.5%, and 5% respectively.