La Liga stays on Spanish TV screens

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 16 May 2015

La Liga BBVA and La Liga Adelante will keep playing on schedule for TV stations and broadcasters worldwide, after the strike threatened by Spain's footballers and football federation (RFEF) was called off.

The problems started when the Spanish government gave the green light to collective TV rights, giving power to La Liga to negotiate with broadcasters for the whole competition, instead of negotiating club by club, as it's currently done. Then, La Liga would share the collected amount among the clubs, following the new regulation.

Although most clubs were satisfied about the law, the footballers and RFEF felt their opinions were not being considered by the government, and called a strike for the last two rounds of La Liga and second division B's play-offs.

After also being pressed by both UEFA and FIFA, it was finally Spain's national high court that decided to suspend the strike, understanding the strike was only political and didn't attend to football players' working rights, and this was not enough reason to leave La Liga without an end.

Still, the conflict between players organised in a single union, federation, clubs and La Liga seems to be open, as yet there is one more season to be played before the collective rights law applies.