Broadband internet access has been the main growth driver for Kabel Deutschland the last 12 months. Germany’s largest cable operator gained 450,000 new internet customers between April 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015 – considerably more than in the previous year (349,000).

The figure contains 77,000 customers who have migrated from the ADSL network of parent company Vodafone to the more powerful internet connection via cable. In total, Kabel Deutschland now has 2.6 million internet customers.

Half of the new customers opt for high-speed access with 100Mbps which is now available almost on the entire cable network. Around 2 million households can access 200Mbps.

The number of premium TV customers (pay-TV and DVR) rose by 224,000 to 2.5 million. 2.1 million customers have signed up for reception of the commercial ad-supported free-to-air TV channels in HD quality for an extra monthly fee (previous year: 1.7 million). A total of 70 HD channels are now available on the Kabel Deutschland network.

The cable company increased its turnover by 6.3% to €2.02 billion while the EBITA rose by 3.3% to €939 million. The net profit amounted to €239 million following a loss of €68 million in the previous year due to the takeover by Vodafone.