Indian Government approves four new TV channels

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 19 May 2015

India's Ministry of Broadcasting has so far this year given approval for the launch of four new channels ETV Plus, ETV Life, ETV Abhiruchi and Vedas Om TV.

As a result, the number of permitted satellite television channels in India had risen to 830 at the end of April 2015, from 826 at the end of 2014.

Hyderabad-based Eenadu Entertainment Television owns the ETV channel brand, which currently comprises ETV Telugu and two news channels, ETV Andhra Pradesh and ETVN Telengana. All three of ETV's newly proposed channels, as well as the fourth new entrant Vedas Om TV, will provide general entertainment content, according to Ministry data.

The Ministry has also granted permission for the 9X Bangla channel to be renamed 9X Bannao.

A total of 697 satellite TV channels (of which 382 are news channels) are now permitted to uplink and downlink from within India, while 40 (of which seven are news channels) are uplinked from India but beamed abroad. The number of channels uplinked from other countries and downlinked into India remains at 93 (of which 16 are news channels).