Business Bureau studies Cuba's TV and video future

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 19 May 2015

Latin American analyst Business Bureau has announced it is to carry out on-the-field research across Cuba to study audiovisual companies and operators on the island and how they are dealing with life after the telecoms interconnection agreement with the US.

"Following the deal inked between the US and Cuba to connect telecom services, Business Bureau aims to analyse the island's current situation and the possible ways for telecoms to evolve in the future," said Horacio Gennario, president at Business Bureau.

The report intends to study TV broadcasters and telecom services providers, as well as the potential for Cubans to access audiovisual content and device availability.

With Netflix having launched on the island - although only for those with US credit cards - the future looks especially uncertain for pay-TV operators. With the lack of cable and fibre infrastructures, the Caribbean territory has been cited as a cord-nevers market, as over-the-top (OTT) operators may take the lead via the Internet a long time before cable operators are ready to launch.

Business Bureau's research aims to focus on how Cubans will be able to receive audiovisual content other than via free-to-air TV, and the cost of doing so.