UKTVís £123 million investment in UK content has been rewarded with record audiences and revenues.

Its male-focused channel Dave remains the most watched non PSB channel in the country, while its return to the Drama genre has seen the most successful British TV channel launch in five years.

Revenues climbed to £283 million in 2014 from £278 million in the previous year. Operating profits of £72.2 million were the highest ever and up 9.1%.

ďThis is the first time in the history of British television that a non-PSB channels business has played such a big role in the ratings, but expect much more from us. This is just the groundwork to ensure long term, future success for UKTV,Ē said CEO Darren Childs.

UKTV is jointly owned by BBC Worldwide and Scripps, the US channel provider, which earlier made a £500 million bid to take full control of the broadcaster.

No longer totally reliant on shows purchased from BBC Worldwide, UKTV has developed its own slate including Storage Hunters UK and Dave Gorman: Modern Life (pictured). Four of the top 10 most watched shows across all of UKTVís channels were original commissions

In On Demand UKTV Play has seen views across the network grow 348% in 2014 against 2013.