Akamai unveils Bangalore centre as Asian cyber attacks increase

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 21 May 2015

Akamai has announced it has opened a new Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Bangalore, India to enhance its content delivery network (CDN) services.

"It's clear that many Asian countries continue to be a major source of cyber attacks," said Sidharth Malik, managing director and vice president, India, Akamai Technologies. "Locating SOC resources close to the point of attack origin provides Akamai with a significant mitigation advantage. This is a proven strategy that we embrace not only in Asia, but around the world."

The Bangalore facility, which began operations in December 2014, adds significant bandwidth capacity and round-the-clock expertise to Akamai's global cyber defence network, the company said.

Akamai's latest quarterly State of the Internet Security Report noted on-going cyber threats from Asian countries, with over 22% of the recorded DDoS attack source traffic originating from China during Q1 2015.

"Now we have even more security professionals available to help mitigate attacks and keep customer sites and applications available and performing optimally," said Malik.