Ericsson expands its Asian TV presence with local partnerships

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 21 May 2015

Ericsson has forged new TV channel partnerships with China's Excelle View Technology (EVT), South Korea's Dream Store Plus Tek and Japan's Rikei Corporation.

The Swedish technology giant will equip its partners' customers with compression technology and offer local support capabilities to help expand the TV and media business across Asia in return for a greater footprint in the region.

"Asia Pacific will have the largest share of total mobile traffic in 2020, mainly due to rapid growth in subscriptions and China alone will add 450 million of these subscriptions," said Dr Giles Wilson, head of TV compression, Ericsson.

"The region is undergoing a connectivity transformation, and it is more crucial than ever for TV service providers to adapt to the shift to mobility and invest in TV Anywhere infrastructures. Our Channel Partner Programme allows us to break new ground in areas like China, Japan and Korea, where we rely on the local market knowledge of partners ... This is hugely important as the industry prepares for a Networked Society where consumers will expect access to content anywhere, anytime, across all devices and at high quality."

Rikei Corporation specialises in the areas of video broadcasting and satellite communication, while digital broadcasting solutions company Dream Store Plus Tek, optimises systems and equipment within South Korea and abroad.

Liang Yu, general manager of EVT, commented: "Ericsson is a major force in the Chinese TV and media market, and is playing a critical role in the region by bringing true TV Anywhere services and delivering unparalleled innovation in TV and Media.

"By partnering with Ericsson, we are able to leverage the quality of its technology and its deep industry expertise to meet the requirements of our customers. This will allow us to grow our business and continue to compete in a thriving environment where the demand for video is exploding."