YANGAROO, Dubsat partner on media ad delivery

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 21 May 2015

Media management and distribution company YANGAROO is to provide Dubsat's customers with an expanded ad delivery service.

Dubsat provides management and delivery services to various media companies globally, including major brands, media agencies, ad agencies, production companies, publishers and broadcasters.

The partnership enables customers to manage and deliver their spots across YANGAROO's network of over 16,000 destinations throughout North America.

"Through a single browser interface, Dubsat's customers, both local and abroad, may now seamlessly access YANGAROO's wide-ranging network of radio and television destinations in the US and Canada," said Grant Schuetrumpf, CEO at Dubsat. "This service interoperability directly increases customer value as we extend our solution capability and offering in the North American market."

This is the latest expansion in customer base for YANGAROO, which has signed on 37 new advertising clients so far this year.

"Having a competitive product offering and an extensive footprint of broadcast destination sites creates opportunities for partners, like Dubsat, to very quickly and efficiently expand their service offering," said Gary Moss, president and CEO of YANGAROO. "Furthermore, such a partnership provides YANGAROO and Dubsat with immediate bilateral revenue opportunities."