Mediapro races across LATAM with Monaco Grand Prix in HD

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 21 May 2015

Probably the most famous and followed Formula One event of the season, the Monaco Grand Prix will be airing in HD from today (21 May) until Sunday on Mediapro's F1 Latin America channel through the region's main operators.

The sixth race of the season, which so far sees British driver Lewis Hamilton in the lead, will be covered by over 20 hours of live programming, including the qualifying rounds and the Grand Prix itself, as well as coverage of the glamorous celebrity events taking place around the race.

After launching in LATAM just before the season started, the Mediapro channel will be taking the Monaco Grand Prix to Argentina (DirecTV, CCC Tucuman), Costa Rica (Sky, Cabletica), Chile (DirecTV), Colombia (DirecTV), Ecuador (DirecTV), Guatemala (Sky), Mexico (Sky, Izzi Telecom), Nicaragua (Sky), Panama (Cableonda, Sky), Peru (DirecTV), the Dominican Republic (Sky), Uruguay (DirecTV, Nuevo Siglo, TCC) and Venezuela (DirecTV).

The channel will be also airing Directo Fórmula, a special programme analysing the race, commenting on the season and showing drivers' press conferences, paying special attention to the Latin American drivers Sergio Checo Perez, Pastor Maldonado and Felipe Massa.