Mediaocean, Moat team to transact viewable ads

DetailsJoseph O'Halloran | 25 May 2015

In what is claimed as an industry first, advertising software provider Mediaocean has integrated SaaS firm Moat's tracked impressions technology as a cost method in its Prisma platform

The partners describe their coming together as 'a huge leap forward', enabling agencies and marketers to use a dedicated third party online video analytics platform as the new record of truth for their media transactions, rather than relying on ad servers and providers with limited capabilities for measuring beyond standard served impressions. The integration will enable human, measurable, and viewable transactions across mobile, display, video, and native platform and, with the explicit permission, Moat customers such as agency buyers can push their data automatically into Prisma. They will then be able to then report, analyse, bill and invoice on human and viewable traffic within their existing workflow.

"Human and viewable is the first step to more transparent and more effective advertising," explained Moat CEO Jonah Goodhart. "The ability to transact on these and other attention signals has been one of the most requested capabilities from Moat and we are excited to be the first to market to partner with the leading software platform provider for the industry, Mediaocean."

"As more and more ad spend shifts to digital, it's a great concern for marketers that millions of dollars are being wasted on impressions that never reach their intended audience," added his Mediaocean counterpart Bill Wise. "Integrating with Moat will allow our agency clients to see the true success of their advertising campaigns, measured in real human and viewable impressions."