Akamai to offer free CDN service for IoT, wearables

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 25 May 2015

Akamai Technologies has announced that it will offer complementary CDN services to any Internet of Things (IoT) or wearable tech start-ups that are participants of the Wearable World Labs programme.

"Akamai serves as a virtual backbone of today's Internet," said Redg Snodgrass, CEO of Wearable World. "I'm proud to say that through this initiative with Wearable World, Akamai is positioning itself as a key partner to wearable and IoT technology providers. When we get to the 'everything connected' era, with petabytes of data flowing between anything and everyone, it will be Akamai that is best positioned."

The Akamai Intelligent Platform will be used to deliver site content and accelerate dynamic business applications, especially those using high-definition video.

"We believe that allowing innovative IoT and wearable tech start-ups to use Akamai services will provide invaluable insight into how this emerging category of connected services will drive changes in Internet usage and traffic patterns," said Akamai's vice president of marketing, John Dillon. "Wearable and connected things frequently transmit and receive information, generating enormous volumes of both inbound and outbound data something Akamai already has plenty of experience handling for our customers. Wearable World Congress is providing a real look into the future of our connected world."

"Akamai is a leader in creating an organised and reliable layer on top of the Internet for Web content and video," added Martin Flack, principal architect in Foundry, an R&D team in Akamai's Web Experience division. "The Akamai platform is designed to be close to IP-based devices wherever they are in the world, and to whatever network, cellular or wired, that they use to connect. Through continued innovation, we intend to help connect the world's devices and service the sensors, switches, cameras, smart appliances, personal assistants and hyperconnected offices and homes of the future."