CableLabs certifies Anevia multi-encoder

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 25 May 2015

CableLabs has certified Anevia's ViaMotion Plus, a video packaging, streaming and recording solution.

ViaMotion is an on-the-fly, multi-encoder packager, and is the first to be certified for CableLabs' two key content encoding specifications: Adaptive Transport Stream (ATS) and Encoder Boundary Point (EBP). It will function as an encoder-agnostic packaging solution for multiscreen OTT services.

With new encoders on the market offering improvements in both bandwidth utilisation and picture quality, the only obstacle for many service providers has been that of interoperability with their existing packaging solution.

"Prior to these CableLabs specifications, we had to develop custom input protocols for each new encoder vendor," said Damien Lucas, Anevia co-founder and CTO. "Now, our customers can immediately deploy the very latest, high performance encoders they need, safe in the knowledge that, providing they're ATS-EBP compliant, they will all interoperate seamlessly with ViaMotion."

He added: "In addition to this, all those providers who until now, due to their choice of encoder, have been unable to take advantage of ViaMotion's unique, on-the-fly packaging and DVR capabilities, can now switch without fear of compatibility issues."