Telkom unveils plans for 4K TV service in Indonesia

DetailsRebecca Hawkes | 26 May 2015

PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) is gearing up to launch a 4K Ultra HD TV offer for customers of Indihome Fiber's triple-play broadband service.

"Customers of Indihome Fiber in Indonesia will soon be able to enjoy 4K TV service. This is a trend that is currently one of the most talked about in the technology world, and Telkom will bring it to customers' homes," said Dian Rachmawan, director of customer service, Telkom.

The telecommunications operator is currently working with set-top box suppliers and content providers to deliver the 4K service over its fibre network as part of its IPTV offer. It will also develop hybrid platforms to work with Android-based devices.

The Indihome Fiber service has now been rolled out in 160 cities across Indonesia, and Telkom is eyeing three million subscribers by the end of 2015.