Eurovision breaks social TV record in Spain

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 27 May 2015

Spain's social TV activity reached record numbers during the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, surpassing 2.2 million tweets during the final.

According to Kantar Twitter TV Ratings, 2.228 million tweets were posted by Spanish viewers about Eurovision, more than double than last year.

Nearly 900,000 people were behind the peak in Twitter activity, with each writing an average of 8.7 tweets during the event. An average of 1.53 million people read each tweet, marking a record for a social TV event in Spain.

The contest, whose live broadcast on the Spanish public network TVE hit 5.96 million viewers across the country, saw #eurovision2015 and #edurnevision (Spain's entry) becoming national trending topics with more than 26,000 tweets per minute written during the show.

Device figures obtained by the Kantar Media tool Instar Social, showed that most comments were from Android smartphones or tablets (58.4%) while 17.4% were written on an iOS device.

Other recent reports indicate that Spain is experiencing a boom in social TV activities and second-screen consumption, driven by an audience that loves smart devices: over four-fifths of Spaniards own a smartphone.