RT Arabic launches Studio Washington

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 27 May 2015

Russia Today's service for the Middle East, RT Arabic, has launched a live weekly interview show, Studio Washington, from its studio in the US capital.

The programme's host, Reema Abu Hamdieh, will discuss with her guests major global political events and their impact on the Middle East. It will air every Friday.

"Studio Washington covers international political events while making a special emphasis on the countries of the Arab world," said Abu Hamdieh. "We want to highlight the position and impact of the United States and its foreign policy on a wide range of issues that dominate the Middle East and North Africa today."

Abu Hamdieh is RT Arabic's Washington correspondent. She has produced multiple on-site reports from all over the United States and conducted many high profile interviews on political and economic subjects.

According to a recent Nielsen study, RT Arabic is among the top three most watched TV channels in six countries of the Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE and Iraq. In fact, the channel enjoys wider viewership than the BBC, Sky News, Al Hurra and CCTV.