More than two-thirds of Spaniards use Internet while watching TV

DetailsJuan Fernandez Gonzalez | 28 May 2015

Social TV consumption is rife among Spanish viewers, with almost 70% using the Internet while watching TV and almost half of the population doing so frequently.

According to figures published through the Q Panel of the Asociación para la Investigación de los Medios de Comunicación (AIMC), 65% sometimes surf the Internet while watching TV, while 54% regularly do it and 46% use the Internet very frequently.

Smartphones are the preferred devices, with 58% of social TV users watching via these, followed by laptops (26%) and tablets (15%).

Although Spanish viewers seem to be using their TV viewing time to do all kinds of tasks on the Internet, most like to watch and comment on social networks, with 66% using platforms like Facebook or Twitter and 42% using instant messaging services.

According to the report, social TV activity extends through every age group, but millennials top the figures. Regardless of age, the most commented upon TV content are sports, movies and series.

In addition to social TV figures, the report also found that streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) consumption via the Internet are becoming increasingly popular. Almost six in ten viewers watched at least one piece of TV content through the Internet during the 30 days before the survey took place.

Spain's increasing social TV activity has been highlighted in previous reports into programmes such as Eurovision which registered over 2.2 million comments.