TV panel shipments to pass 265MN in 2015

DetailsMichelle Clancy | 29 May 2015

TV panel shipment targets will reach an historic high in 2015, despite the strengthening dollar against currencies such as those of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and emerging markets.

According to IHS, TV panel unit shipments are expected to grow 5% year-over-year, reaching a record 265 million units in 2015. The total panel area for TV display shipments is expected to increase 9% in 2015 over 2014.

Due to strong consumer demand for larger sets and 4KTV resolution, TV manufacturers are concerned about possible tight panel supplies, even though the rising dollar is cutting TV import prices. The trend toward larger sizes is also causing changes in the production mix. According to the IHS Quarterly Large-Area TFT Panel Shipment Report, due to increased demand for bigger TVs, 27% year-over-year growth is expected for larger displays of 49" to 55"; displays between 58" and 65" are expected to grow 26%; while displays smaller than 40" will grow less than 2%.

"Global first-tier TV brands, like Samsung and LGE, are sticking to their aggressive shipment plans for 2015, while Samsung Display and LG Display have less room to increase volume to meet area demand from their captive customers' demand for larger TV panels," said Yoonsung Chung, director of large-area display research at IHS. "These two Korean panel makers could experience a tightening of capacity in the second half of 2015, because of planned production-line adjustments."

Other panel manufacturers, particularly in China panel makers, are set to increase their 2015 TV panel business targets; however, there is a fear of increasing inventory as the gap between TV panel shipments and television shipments is widening. Because of slowing sales of televisions, combined with the effects of the strong US dollar, there is a possibility TV brands might lower their business targets.

"Global TV brands have factories all over the world, but TV panels are mainly manufactured in East Asia and traded in US dollars," Chung said. "Since panels comprise the largest portion of TV material costs, when the dollar is strong, television brands suffer."

The shipment target for 4K TV panels is also expected to reach a record high this year. In all, 40 million units are targeted in 2015 with 15% penetration. 4K TV panel shipments are expected to grow 108% this year, and Korean panel makers expect to lead the 4K TV panel market with 57% share, followed by Taiwanese manufacturers at 27% and Chinese manufacturers at 12%.